Aesthetic Dentistry

Our main field is aesthetic (cosmetic and esthetic) dentistry: the art and science that allows us to boost your first impression through the transformation of a defficient or common smile into a beautiful, enhanced, bright smile. The process may involve teeth and gums. Check our gallery .
Long lasting, natural looking, translucent ceramics are preferred for the changes. The final astounding appearance is designed with proper function, thus, we deliver good looking dentistry and functional, restorative, corrective dentistry.
We also perform general dentistry services: tooth colored, metal-free and mercury-free fillings, cleanings, gum treatment, panoramic, cephalometric, bite wing and periapical X rays, nitrous oxide sedation, one appointment power whitening, orthodontics, implant supported restorations, bite equilibration and night guard appliances. We rely on bilingual specialized associates for the surgical insertion of implants, wisdom teeth removal and for root canal treatment. They are chosen for excellence and shared philosophy.

Customizing Your Smile

As different as patients are, beautiful smiles come in a variety of styles and preferences. Yes, we can transform your teeth to look like the ones of your favorite celebrity, friend, etc. but your face, nose, chin, cheeks, lips, eyes are different. How about your height, mandible and maxillary bones relation?. Any picture you want to bring in with you is very important to guide us but, in order to deliver an outstanding result, we have to customize the design for your traits.

If we apply aesthetic rules as a recipe, everybody will look the same when smiling. They are guides for the desirable traits a beautiful smile has but should be customized for YOU. Of utmost importance: You will help us in the process because you are the one that will wear that smile.
We offer our patients a preview of the result through digital modification of the initial diagnostic pictures (Imaging) and transformation of stone models with wax (Diagnostic wax up). We can translate the new smile design to your mouth for a try in and approval, a Mock up. It is quickly made and removed.