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Dr Carlos Suárez Mastache Este sitio web está cargado de información y consejos no sólo sobre nuestra práctica si no también de los procedimientos que intervienen en una transformación de sonrisa.

Nuestra calidad será evidente cuando usted explore el sitio pues los Segmentos de información y los casos presentados son de nuestro Consultorio y escritos por el Dr. Carlos Suarez Mastache.


  • “I smile all the time to show my beautiful teeth. Thanks to you Dr. Suarez I am able to eat corn on the cob again. Use me for a reference anytime, I will be glad to let them know how pleased Roger and I both were. Hope to see you soon. I miss the Ticos ”
    Dianne L.
  • My name is Dr. Brian Ricardo. I am a dentist from the U. S. and had a cosmetic dental practice in Houston, Texas for over 30 years. I moved to Costa Rica in August of 2007. I love Costa Rica and glad that I retired here. Retired, I began to take care of my own Health needs, one of which was that I needed a “Smile Makeover”. Thus, began my search for a cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica. My first requirement was that the dentist went to the University of Costa Rica, which is a great school.

  • The second was that he or she had training in the U.S. in cosmetic continuing education courses. The third was that he could demonstrate with a “wax up” or cosmetic imaging how my smile would look prior to any treatment being done. The fourth was that he was actively involved with the dental lab.

  • After much research, I found Dr. Carlos Suarez Mastache. He exceeded all of my requirements. He did a GREAT job and was painless. He exceeded my expectations. The case was completed in two weeks in just two appointments. I was lucky to have found him.
    Byan R.
  • “I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my front veneers!! What a difference they make when I smile. Had I known what a difference it would make, I would have come to see you years ago.”
  • “Dear Doctor, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I, absolutely, love my new smile. This makeover makes me feel renewed, young and much more confident. All my friends and family have given me excellent compliments, which make me feel wonderful and wanting to be smiling more often than before.

  • I also want to compliment you for your professional dental work, attention to detail and superb cosmetic dental skills. Thank you again and God bless!”
    Liana C.